The Nassau County Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Tribunal provides an opportunity for attorneys and their clients to use expeditious, time-saving and cost-effective arbitration or mediation to resolve disputes that might otherwise be litigated in the courts.

These NCBA services, are available to the public as well as to all legal professionals. The panels of arbitrators and mediators are highly skilled and qualified attorneys, admitted to the New York bar a minimum of 10 years and screened by the NCBA Judiciary Committee.

ADR Arbitration Commencement Instructions Guide
ADR Mediation Commencement Instructions Guide
Agreement For Mediation
Agreement To Arbitrate
Arbitrator Application
Arbitration Rules
Arbitration Submission
ADR Arbitrators
Arbitration Mediation Brochure
Mediator Application
Mediation Rules
ADR Mediators
The Arbitrator's Oath